Create Protest is an online marketplace for message merchandise designed by artists. Launched in  2020, a critical election year, Create Protest leverages the power of the arts to help us all speak out, speak up, campaign, and to share values of inclusivity, respect, equal representation, and fairness.

Create Protest is a community of individuals with something to say, and a will to act.  Wear your message on our artist-designed merchandise. Take action through the resources on our site. Participate in elections, mobilization efforts, and creative & communal happenings.  A community of individuals makes a powerful society of messengers. 

We have brought together an inspiring group of artists from Los Angeles (CA), Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Illinois and Kentucky. Our goal is to leverage the power of their designs to motivate us all to vote, to participate, to Create Protest.

Their work is printed on merchandise you can wear, carry, use at your home and office, and give as gifts. We hope that you are as emboldened by their designs as we are, and that they convey the messages that you want to shout out at this crucial time in our country’s history.

Create Protest is a hybrid business combining activism and commerce. Our artists receive a percentage of every sale, and your purchase supports their work. Look at their social media links on the bio page to learn more about the great work they are doing across the country. 

Visit our Resources page for an up-to-date list of organizations that you can get involved with to help get out the vote, participate in campaigns, and mobilize efforts around issues. There is so much inspiring work happening around the country, something for all of us to participate in to bring back decency, respect, and civility to our great Nation.

We want to hear from you! What messages do you want our artists to design that you can wear? Have an inspiring story/artist or resource for our blog, Create Action? Email us at contact@createprotest.org and let’s see what we can create together! If you have a photo of yourself wearing/using our merch, send it over and we may use it on social media!  We love it when you wear our merch and tag @createprotest on your social media sites.

Thanks for joining our Create Protest community. Your purchase helps us amplify our collective voices to propel positive action and create the change we want to see in our world. 

Cynthia & Julie


Drawings of Cynthia (L) and Julie (R with daughter Mira) by Deborah Aschheim.

Julie Ray and Cynthia Campoy Brophy have worked together for nearly 20 years in the nonprofit sector.  Cynthia founded and ran the nonprofit arts education organization artworxLA for 26 years, and Julie was the Director of Development for many of those years. Julie left to launch her own successful design business, Julie Ray Creative. Julie and Cynthia are joining forces again to launch Create Protest.

NOTE: If you'd like to be considered as an artist, please send images of your artwork or a link to your online portfolio/social media sites to contact@createprotest.com. We are committed to a diverse and inclusive roster of artists.