There are many impressive organizations working across the country to mobilize a Blue Wave for 2020. They provide ways we can all get involved this election year to turn the White House and Congress BLUE!

We've compiled resources that we have come across for you to vote and get involved! We’d love to hear what organizations and efforts you support and admire that are working to achieve a blue tsunami.

Send us your suggestions and help us make a more comprehensive resource list. Email us or contact us on Twitter or Instagram. Together, we can go blue!



  • Learn about strategic actions you can take to support elections at all levels in your area at Swing Left.

  • Write postcards to swing voters through Postcards to Voters.

  • Former congressional staffers reveal best practices to reach Congress at Indivisible.

  • Help make sure all eligible voters are registered and ready to vote at When We All Vote.

  • Voto Latino unites and empowers the Latinx community.

  • Flippable focuses on turning key states blue.

  • VoteRiders informs and helps citizens to secure their voter ID.

  • A Band of Voters targets younger voters with tools for registering and voting in community. Download the free "2020 Voter Power Guide."

  • The Voter Protection Project fights back against attacks on our right to vote.

  • Help elect a Democratic Senate with DSCC.

  • Join the fight to elect state Democrats with DLCC.

  • 3.14 Action focuses on electing scientists who will use evidence and facts to fight climate change and fix our broken healthcare system.