Hello Feelings Resources


Send your student, or a young person you care about, to school with messaged merch! 

Notebooks with breathing exercises to help students through anxious moments and pages to jot down creative inspirations.  Shirts that remind us "It's ok, change IS happening" and that we wear masks for me and for you.  Messages encouraging outside play, products with exercises to help us find center when the world is shaking.


Wearing and sharing our messages acknowledges a first level of awareness.  Awareness can lead to action and we recommend a few great organizations and efforts supporting young people and their teachers during this time of ongoing uncertainty.

Take a look!  And, we'd love to hear recommendations from you.


  • Active Minds, a nonprofit that is "changing the conversation about mental health" has tips and resources for a "post-Covid life."

  • Little Otter - Personalized, compassionate, teletherapy and mental health support for families and children 0-12. Designed by the world experts in childhood mental health.

  • Painted Brain creates lasting community-based solutions to mental health challenges and the impact of social injustice through arts, advocacy, and enterprise.
    • The Family Thrives delivers strategies, tools and experts that help families create joyful, meaningful, thriving lives.

    Articles & Books

    Activities & Events

    • Check out this wonderful "Joy Generator" created by NPR.  "Science shows you can boost happiness by taking time for small moments of delight."