Juliette Bellocq studied graphic design the old-fashioned way in Paris, with monk-style calligraphy, traditional nude drawing, typographic chiseling in marble and hand-mixing pigments. It is, however, in California that she found her design people while learning from conceptual, experimental and political designers. Juliette runs Handbuilt Studio, a practice dedicated to design for education, culture and civism. Her art can be viewed on her website and Instagram: @handbuiltstudio and @juliettebellocq. Shop Juliette's collection.



Robbie Conal is considered one of the country’s foremost satirical street poster artists. His work has been featured on “CBS This Morning”, “Charlie Rose”, in Time, Newsweek, The New York Times, LA Times, The Wall Street Journal, Vanity Fair, People Magazine, Interview, and the Washington Post—which dubbed him, “America’s foremost street artist”. He received a National Endowment for the Arts Individual Artist Grant, a Getty Individual Artist Grant and a Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Individual Artist’s Grant (COLA).  His work has been collected by and featured in exhibitions at LACMA, MOCA LA, the San Jose Museum of Art, and his beloved hometown favorite, The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. He has authored three books: Art Attack: The Midnight Politics of a Guerrilla Poster Artist, 1992 (HarperCollins); Artburn, 2003 (Akashic Books), and with wife Deborah Ross, 2009 (Art Attack Press). He currently resides in Los Angeles, CA. Shop Robbie's collection.



Gaby Fleming

Gaby Fleming is a Graphic & Web Designer based in Texas. She is a relatively new Texan (moved from Arizona to Texas in 2016), and she has tried to fully immerse herself into the Texas culture. Creating a "Vote Blue Y'all" design was a way for her to express her feelings toward the incredible divide that she sees in the state each and every day. Having originally lived in Austin, and now in East Texas, she's seen both ends of the political spectrum, and is motivated to help make a difference. In her design career, Gaby has experience working in publishing, marketing, advertising, and web design. She is best known for her branding design and custom WordPress development. Find her on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.



Stephen Glassman’s art is an inquiry of gesture, scale, and social impact - the intuitive gesture on a civic scale. Drawing is at the core. His work first gained international attention creating free-form, large scale bamboo installations in urban sites devastated by the Rodney King Riots, Malibu Fires and Northridge Quake. The works came to serve as symbols of resiliency and connectedness within their neighborhoods and throughout the city. They were art for art’s sake, in a social context, and became the springboard for the permanent large-scale works for which he has become most recognized. Deaf and unable to speak as a young child, art was Glassman’s primary means of communication and expression. He spent years traveling the country as a circus, street and agit-prop artist. Often formidable in scale, the work extends organically from a site and is distinct in its ability to invite, generate and celebrate community. Collaboration is a cornerstone of his practice, and he has produced spectacles, installations and permanent public works throughout North America.  Private studio works are collected internationally, and he is the recipient and subject of many grants, awards and reviews.  Stephen's work can be viewed on his websiteShop Stephen's collection.


Melanie Green is a Los Angles based Art Director and Designer with over 30 years of experience creating high-profile Entertainment and Corporate marketing campaigns. Melanie hails from the East Coast and began her career in the Art Department at The Village Voice in New York City. It was there that she developed her passion for activism and social justice. After moving to Los Angeles, Melanie focused on Entertainment Marketing, designing film posters, consumer advertising, outdoor advertising, DVD packaging, digital campaigns, websites, social media and event marketing. Some of her most well-known projects include Arnold Schwarzenegger movie posters for True Lies and Eraser; Disney Channel’s hugely successful High School Musical franchise; Superman: The Motion Picture Anthology DVD collector’s set; Disney On Ice: Frozen program and The Simpsons Seasons 6-10 DVD Collector’s Edition. Currently Melanie works at Apple TV+ helping to shape the marketing for their newly launched streaming service. Throughout her career, Melanie has frequently contributed her talents to non-profit social and cultural organizations. Melanie Green's artwork can be viewed on her websiteFacebook, and LinkedInShop Melanie's collection.


Alex! Jimenez I am a Chicana print-maker, illustrator, and designer.  My artistic practice explores my connection to land, culture, and history as a fourth generation Mexican-American in Tucson, AZ.  Specifically, I try and challenge false notions about my community through the use of humor, color, and the Spanish language. My bright palette radiates the vibrancy of my heritage and serves as an entry point for my viewers. The carne (meat) of my work delves into identity within natural and man-made landscapes and brings contemporary issues of social inequality, gentrification/development, and place-making into public discourse. My background in the sciences grounds my process and compels me to create work that is accessible and comprehensible yet rich in meaning. Shop Alex's collection.


Marcos Lutyens Marcos Lutyens’ artistic practice targets the psychic and emotional well-being of his audiences by skillfully leading participants in exercises of mindfulness that affect the deepest levels of their psyche. His works take form in installations, sculptures, drawings, short films, writings, and performances. In his explorations of consciousness, Lutyens has collaborated with celebrated neuro-scientists V. Ramachandran and Richard Cytowic, and worked with visitors’ unconscious states in museums, galleries, and biennales around the world. Lutyens was invited by the Solomon R Guggenheim Museum, NY to be a keynote artist with the ice-breaking opening performance at Culture Summit 2019. Lutyens is currently working on a large-scale project of grieving for those lost to COVID-19, called Rose River Memorial.

Emily Mulvey
is a Boulder, Colorado-based designer and illustrator. A New Englander born-and-raised, in 2018 Emily packed up her car and moved out to Colorado in search of bigger adventures, deeper snow, and colder beers. Her design journey began with a degree in Visual Communications from Endicott College where she wrote and designed an Undergraduate Senior Thesis on Activism Through Design. Throughout her career across many design agencies and freelance clients, Emily has maintained a dedication to using creativity and design as a vehicle for positive change wherever possible. You can view Emily's work on her website and Instagram.



Los Angeles artist Man One is a multi-award winning artist, illustrator, curator, and entrepreneur. His work has been exhibited internationally at the Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles, The Getty, LACMA, Parco Museum Tokyo, the Smithsonian Institute Washington D.C. He has conducted workshops fostering mutual respect across ideological lines in North Ireland, Japan, Germany, Mexico, Panama, and throughout the US. In 2002, he founded Crewest Gallery in LA to legitimize graffiti art as valuable and collectible and give graffiti artists a professional venue to showcase their work. Man One has been featured in TV and film including MTV’s Pimp My Ride, ABC’s Extreme Makeover, America’s Next Top Model; John Tucker Must Die, The Roommate; TV commercials for Ford, Microsoft, Target and Verizon; painted live for MTV with The Black Eyed Peas, De La Soul, Wyclef Jean; performed with George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic. Man One's artwork can viewed on his website and InstagramShop Man One's collection.


Luz Rodriguez

Luz Rodriguez is a Los Angeles-based graphic designer and artist. Since 2008, she has been providing her skills in design, mixed media, and arts administration to various arts and culture nonprofits and organizations. She enjoys mixing clean design with raw and real elements to create unique and fun designs. InstagramShop Luz's collection.




Yunuen SiglerYunuén Sigler is a visual designer based in Austin, TX who specializes in identity and graphic design. She loves designing band merchandise, protest signs and has a deep love for making letters: swirly, swashy, blocky, tall, thin - you name it. Yunuén is unapologetically politically involved, using her skills in graphic design and branding to fight back against injustice, inequality and inhumanity. Shop Yunuén's collection.


Lafe TaylorLafe Taylor is a husband, father, tech entrepreneur, business mentor, podcaster, story teller, cooperative director, graphic designer, social commentator, and last but not least an artist.  Lafe Taylor's artwork is designed to uplift and give voice to African American's through storytelling character design and/or messaging. His passions are to create media that is supportive of Black and African American culture to combat media and negative stereotypes that proliferate all around. 

Lafe Taylor's art can be viewed on his site at LafeSpace, or via social media: Instagram, Behance or Facebook. Shop Lafe's collection.


Naimah Thomas

Naimah Thomas is a Chicago based artist, art therapist, and licensed professional counselor. Naimah received her Bachelor of Art with a focus in graphic design from Columbia College Chicago. She received her Masters in Art Therapy from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her current art practice is heavily informed by her experiences as a Black Woman, survivor, and art therapist. Using art as a way to examine the complex intersections of art and mental health, primarily in communities of color. As an art therapist, she's had the opportunity to work with children and families in different settings around the Chicagoland area. Her work can be viewed on her websiteInstagram and Facebook. Shop her collection.



Teresa Villegas is an artist, designer, and illustrator who believes strongly in the power of emotions and visual art. With degrees in fine art and visual communication, she has worn many hats throughout her career. Teresa's artwork has exhibited and toured in museums and galleries in the United States and Mexico. She is the recipient of project grants and public art commissions from the NEA and her hometown of Phoenix. Her award-winning designs and illustrations have been published widely in editorial magazines, newspapers, books, and websites. Teresa Villegas' work can be viewed on her website and InstagramShop Teresa's collection.



Florencio ZavalaFlorencio (Flo) Zavala is a Los Angeles based artist, designer, creative director and founder of Estudio Zavala, a conceptual design and illustration practice addressing global needs via local actions. His work is rooted in collective optimism, with a focus on social justice, healthcare, education, and mental health. Zavala spent the first part of his career at Blk/Mrkt and Studio Number One, working alongside other artist / activists including Shepard Fairey, Cleon Peterson and Ernesto Yerena. His current practice focuses on digital and social output—making activism accessible to online communities. Zavala currently lives in Northeast Los Angeles with his wife and two daughters. His work can be viewed on his website and InstagramShop Florencio's collection.