COVID-19 Awareness

Say It/Do It

As we move ahead, we are embracing our Say It/Do It ethos and focusing on issues that our artists are committed to amplifying. Climate change, gender equity, gun control, and social inequality are issues we will elevate. Through our artist-designed merchandise, you can wear messages that bring voice to these causes. Our online platform will connect you to vetted ways to participate in these efforts. Our first campaign focuses on COVID-19 awareness.

Say It!  

Create Protest is very happy to welcome Marcos Lutyens to our roster of artists. Marcos believes that “artists must reach out beyond the protective and sometimes timid art institutions and engage directly with the world at large. A world that is seething with turmoil and changes and environmental catastrophes must be healed by art-making processes.”

In this spirit, Marcos has launched the Rose River Memorial project, a massive artwork that gives us all a way to collectively grieve the nearly 1,000,000 people our Nation has lost to Covid since the start of the pandemic. Red felt roses made by individuals collectively become a national memorial.

By purchasing Marcos’ merchandise here, you are supporting this timely, relevant, necessary communal art project.

Do It!

Here are three actions you can take to commemorate the many thousands of people lost to Covid this year, ways that you can collectively grieve this devastating tragedy that we are living through.

1) Organize your own rose making workshop with your network of family and friends. 

2) Join the call for an annual COVID-19 Memorial Day in remembrance of those we’ve lost and will lose as a result of this preventable disaster.

3) Sign up for Card Exchange through Marked by Covid.