Postcard Pack: VOTE

Postcard Pack: VOTE

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Calling all postcard writers!

2022 Midterm elections are fast approaching, and handwritten postcards to voters are a proven way to motivate voters to get out and vote. Sign up at Activate America to get a list of names and instructions, and use this postcard pack and your purchased postage to encourage voters in key states to be active in the upcoming elections!

Join our Virtual Postcard Writing Happy Hour on September 10 at 2PM PST/5PM EST. RSVP here.

Our artists have created this set of four postcards to inspire action and change. 

Each Postcard Pack includes:

  • 100 postcards printed on 100 lb. recycled matte paper in Burbank, CA
  • 25 each of the four designs
  • Blank backs
  • Sent in 100% recyclable Kraft mailer 
  • Free shipping!

Grab your favorite pen and start composing!

About the Artists

  • Los Angeles artist Stephen Glassman’s design celebrates “We” as our most basic and universal agreement. Without it there is no nation. “We” is the first, largest and boldest word of our constitution. There is no “They.” There is only “We.” Stephen’s work can be viewed at
  • Los Angeles artist Man One democratizes art and educates people about the unique value of graffiti art. His “Vote” image gives us all a way to share his inimitable style and encourage everyone to vote! View his work at
  • Texas visual designer Yunuén Sigler loves designing band merchandise, protest signs and has a deep love for making letters: swirly, swashy, blocky, tall, thin. Yunuén is unapologetically politically involved, using her skills to fight back against injustice, inequality and inhumanity. Follow her at
  • Arizona artist Teresa Villegas believes strongly in the power of emotions and visual art. Her colorful “Vote” design harkens back to the “flower power” 60s, coupled with a current message of activation. See her work at