Hello Feelings Press Release


September 2021
Contact:  contact@createprotest.com
Cynthia Campoy Brophy:  213-447-5103
Julie Ray:  520-891-8098

Create Protest Launches “Hello Feelings” 
A Back-to-School Wellness Campaign

Create Protest, an online marketplace with products featuring artist-designed messages, has launched Hello Feelings, an initiative to support students as they return to in-person learning during the continuing Covid pandemic. 

Mental health crises have increased since the start of the pandemic. According to a recent NPR story, “pediatricians and child and adolescent psychologists and psychiatrists have seen more kids with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and suicidal thinking and attempts over the past year.”

With artist-designed messages printed on merchandise relevant to back-to-school needs, this campaign helps students recognize and identify anxiety, and provides tools and products with messages that promote comfort, safety, inspiration and curiosity.  

Typical responses to challenges are “everything is going to be fine” or “we’ll get through this.”  Our response is yes, everything is weird, change IS happening, but if we breathe it all in and love it all out, we will adjust to this nueva norm and find center.  We want young people to know that they have a community standing with them, supporting them, letting them know that all feelings are welcome!  

Our artists and designers have created these messages (and more!) on back-to-school products – notebooks to scribble in, posters for the classroom walls, stickers to share with friends, t-shirts with honest messaging. 

Included on the site is a Resource page listing organizations working across the country offering tools and resources to support the mental health and well-being of our young people.  

Create Protest artists come from across the United States, including Los Angeles (CA), Arizona, Texas, Kentucky, and Colorado. They receive a percentage of every sale, and purchases support their work. 

Products and more information are available at:  https://createprotest.com/collections/hello-feelings 

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