Hello Feelings

A Back-to-School Wellness Initiative

We've been through a challenging year.
It's OK to feel angry, sad, or scared as you go back to school.
It's also OK to feel excited, happy and curious.

All feelings are welcome.

As students return to in-person learning during this extended Covid period, how can we send them back to school with relevant products that carry messages of support from a caring community?

We have asked our artists and designers to create messages for products that people can purchase for their child and/or for children that they care for. We have notebooks for students to write about what excites them about being back in the classroom and what gives them anxiety. We have stickers that young people can share and use to decorate their water bottles and laptops. Shirts that they can wear with messages to encourage a collective feeling of community.  Posters for teachers to hang in their classrooms.

We heard both concern and excitement from parents as they send their students back to in-person learning. This initiative has emerged from listening to their feedback.

“My daughter is nervous about not being able to keep up.... with academics and socializing. It feels overwhelming to her.”

“My kiddo is nervous about not fitting in anymore because he is the only one in his friend group who stayed virtual.”

“Mine are so anxious they want to home school.”

“My kids need reassurance that it’s not going to be “business as usual” in the fall- that they won’t be expected to hit the ground running and that there will be time and space and support and so much grace offered for adjustment back into whatever ‘normal’ is… I’m not even sure of that myself.“

Our goal is to provide a community response to ease the anxiety and promote comfort, safety, inspiration and curiosity.

Take a look at what our artists have created. Purchase merch with messages of support and care for a student to wear/use back in the classroom. View our resources page and send us suggestions. What has been helpful to you and your family?

We’re all in this together!