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Access to period care is a human right, yet nearly 1 in 4 menstruators in America don't have access to period care products. Because of this, 80% of teenagers have either missed school because they don’t have menstrual products or they know someone who has. To make matters worse, there are no major federal programs to help them get the supplies they desperately need. In fact, programs like Medicaid and SNAP (formerly known as food stamps), explicitly prohibit the purchase of period care. So, we found a loophole.

Introducing Loopholes, the only cereal with a cycle's worth of pads and tampons in every box, and because they're in a box of food, the government pays for them with SNAP. But we shouldn’t have to “sneak” period care products into food to help menstruators get the care they need. That’s why every box of Loopholes is designed to support the Menstrual Equity for All Act. The Menstrual Equity for All Act is a comprehensive bill that will expand Medicaid to cover period care products, make these products freely available in public schools, universities, and prisons, among other efforts to reduce period poverty in America. 

Visit to learn more about period poverty in America and to ask your representatives to support the Menstrual Equity for All Act. 

A portion of all proceeds will be donated to No More Secrets which is the nation's first menstrual hub and uterine wellness center.

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