We Pause. We Protest.

April newsletter

We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy at home during this COVID-19 crisis.  With the primary focus on prevention, our lives have shifted to our home bases, pausing while moving forward in new ways. 

As we pause, the 2020 election cycle continues. Creative new virtual ways to beat Trump and the GOP are emerging, and we want to connect you to some we’re impressed with. We hope you participate virtually, while wearing a Create Protest t-shirt, drinking coffee or tea in a mug designed by one of our artists!

Our Community

We launched Create Protest at the end of February and we love to see our artist-designed merchandise making its way across the country.

Our artist Juliette Bellocq’s “Truth Matters” design was sported by Matt at his Cattail Bakery in Red Lodge Montana, and by Talma with her tote bag in Los Angeles.  Our youngest activist, Mira, wears Yunuén Sigler’s “Vote for Change” t-shirt in Arizona. 

Send us a photo of you with one of our products. We’d love to share!

Get involved!

Many State primaries have been rescheduled due to COVID-19, and the Democratic National Convention has been rescheduled from July to August. The election cycle continues, and it’s essential that everyone votes.  Senators Klobuchar (MN) and Wyden (OR) are authorizing Vote By Mail legislation (the Natural Disaster and Emergency Ballot Act) that will expand vote by mail and early in-person voting to all states. We urge you to learn more and voice your support.

Learn about the bill here.

Call/email Senator Klobuchar and Senator Wyden to voice your support. 

Visit our Resources page to find more election-related volunteer opportunities.


Due to COVID-19, many states have updated their primary election dates.  When We All Vote has created this useful graphic.

Thanks for joining us in our effort to Create Protest, and turn the White House, Congress and State Houses blue in 2020! 

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