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July Newsletter

Los Angeles Times journalist LZ Granderson recently wrote: “This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for — when we see if the country’s newfound passion for Juneteenth actually makes it to Kwanzaa.” As the recent Black Lives Matter protests quiet, do we have the stamina to do the hard work needed to effect systemic change?

There are now just over 100 days until the November 3rd Presidential elections. In one month The Democratic National Convention will take place and Joe Biden will officially be nominated as the Democratic candidate for President. Within the next few weeks we will learn of his choice for Vice President.

Time is short, there is much to be done and many ways to participate. From voter registration efforts to Democratic candidate canvassing, virtual voter couch parties, and postcard writing to voters in districts with close races, there are many ways to activate. Check out our Resources page to find something that you can get involved with today.

Super States Collection

Several states have been targeted as super states in the march to the November elections, and a few of our artists have created designs meant to motivate people in these states to vote. Melanie Greene has designed a series of mugs, one for each state. Alex! Jimenez created a fabulous Arizona popsicle that is melting away the red to become a blue state. Our newest artist Emily Mulvey has created a design to motivate her fellow Colorado residents to get out and vote.

Check out which states are designated super states and get your merchandise to motivate friends in those states to mobilize. Also, check out Swing Left’s strategy page to find out more ways to support their efforts to turn these states blue.

Who’s Wearing It?

We launched Create Protest at the end of February and we love to see our artist-designed merchandise making its way across the country.

Gaby in Texas just received one of Teresa Villegas’ “Vote” onesie to gift to her friend’s new baby. It’s never too young to activate voters! Tyler from Boston is wearing a "We" hat designed by Stephen Glassman.

Send us a photo of you with one of our products. We’d love to share!

Democratic National Convention

Anchored this year in Milwaukee from August 17-20, 2020, the 2020 Democratic National Convention will be a “Convention Across America,” geared to engage and unite all Americans.  The official live stream for the 2020 Democratic National Convention will be hosted on its YouTube channel.

One of the ways the DNC wants to involve people is through storytelling. If there’s an issue you’re passionate about, or a value you want to see embraced in this year’s platform, or if you just have thoughts about the best way for Democrats to move America forward, submit your videos to stories.demconvention.com.  You can make videos answering their questions such as “What do you want to see in our next President?”  “What have the last four years meant to you?”

Add Your Voice to the 2020 Platform. Check out their Get Involved page. Follow @DemConvention

Individual Creative Efforts

We are inspired by artists around the country who are creatively imagining ways to activate people in this election cycle.  Meet artist Aram Han Sifuentes who has created “Voting Kits for the Disenfranchised." The toolkits are for artists, activists, educators, students, and others to produce imaginative voting stations that will bring attention to voting barriers or restrictions in the United States. Included in the kits are unofficial ballots, a ballot box, a poster, wristbands, stickers, and a play list. She has created 50 kits in total, and a few kits are still available for ANYONE who is excited to activate and use them. Kits will be ready in early August (with a virtual kit coming soon). Learn more.

Thanks for joining us in our effort to Create Protest, and turn the White House, Congress and State Houses blue in 2020! Please visit our Resources page for ways to get involved.

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