Today We Celebrate


Today, we celebrate!  Saturday erupted in joyful spontaneous celebrations around the country. Honking cars, American flag waving, peaceful revelry, communal festivity. We have a new President-elect who talks about unity, who listens, who is an experienced leader. We have a new Vice President-elect who broke that glass ceiling to finally give us a woman in the White House!! The relief of knowing this current toxic chaotic administration is coming to an end is like a giant collective exhale.
Today we celebrate. It took a communal effort to achieve this victory. But the race was close, and we need to see and acknowledge the significant division that exists in our country today. The work of healing is hard but necessary and begins with each of us doing some thing, doing one thing. 
We need to make sure this election is respected, even while the current President is not conceding the race. We need to work to mobilize voters in Georgia where two Senate seats are going to a runoff. We need to work to make sure there is a peaceful transition of power.
We will post opportunities for activism in the coming days and weeks, so that we can all get involved and make sure that this pillar of our democracy, the peaceful transition of power, gets respected.
Celebrate!  And then let’s get to work.