Time for Change, Time to Vote Him Out

October 6 Newsletter

The election is finally less than a month away. The first Presidential Debate was more like a reality TV show than a respectable forum for the two candidates to respectfully share their platforms, opinions, experience with the American people. The President and the First Lady have now tested positive for COVID-19. RBG’s final wish that her replacement not be named until after the election is being ignored and the Senate’s hypocrisy about not holding confirmation hearings for a Supreme Court Justice during the last year of a sitting President’s term is glaring. Chaos. Exhausting. Time for change, time to vote him out, time to turn the White House and the Senate blue.

28 days until November 3. Let’s all Create some Protest and mobilize in these last few days. Join a phone bank, write postcards, make sure your friends and family are registered to vote, educate yourself on local elections. 2020 is calling us to look, to see, to pay attention, to participate. Let’s all step up in the final days of this election and do our part. Our Democracy depends on our participation.

Create Protest Organizes Get-Out-the-Vote efforts

Phone Banking in Partnership with Flip the West

Create Protest partnered with Flip the West on September 22 to convene a group of phone bankers from Los Angeles and Arizona (Tucson and Phoenix) to make calls to Arizona voters. We gathered, wearing our Create Protest merch (!), and connected with voters young and old to encourage everyone to get out and vote, to learn about the issues that matter to them, and to advocate for Biden/Harris and Senator Mark Kelly. Sign up here for more phone banking opportunities with Flip the West leading up to the election.

Postcard Writing Happy Hour

On October 5, sisters Cynthia and Julie Campoy combined efforts of Create Protest and Julienne Restaurant to safely gather a small group of dedicated postcard writers. We received addresses from the nonprofit group Postcards To Voters and wrote on Create Protest’s newest postcards designed by our artists Stephen Glassman, Man One, Yunuen Sigler, Teresa Villegas. You can now purchase these fabulously designed postcards here!

Create Protest Artists

Welcome new artist Gaby Fleming!

Gaby Fleming is a graphic and web designer based in Texas. Creating a "Vote Blue Y'all" design was a way for her to express her feelings toward the incredible divide that she sees in the state each and every day. Through her design work, she is motivated to help make a difference in this election cycle. Find her on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Welcome Gaby!

Yunuen Sigler and Civic Engagement
Create Protest artist Yunuén Sigler participated on a panel on October 1st produced by South Texas College called: Transforming Our World: Civic Engagement. Yunuen was one of four panelists who talked about civic engagement and how artists can contribute to the field.  

Florencio Zavala and the L.A. Mask Print Project
Create Protest artist Florencio Zavala created poster art for the L.A. Mask Print Project, a grassroots initiative to remind Angelenos about mask safety and responsibility. The free posters are available in English and Spanish or the City of LA's COVID-19 website.

Who’s Wearing It?

By wearing Create Protest artist-designed merchandise, people around the country are sharing messages encouraging people to vote, to participate. Katie and her mom are wearing Alex Jimenez's "Go Blue Arizona" t-shirts as they drop off campaign literature for Tucson candidates. In Chandler, Arizona, Chris shows off her Naimah Thomas' "Without Community there is no Liberation" tee. Tamica Washington of Lula Washington Dance Theater in California proclaims, "Remind your folks to plan and vote because our lives really do depend on it!" while wearing her "I ♥ 2 Vote" t-shirt by Melanie Green. Marlene in L.A. sports her "Truth Matters" t-shirt by Juliette Bellocq.

Individual Creative Expressions

Artists are stepping up to activate in this last month of this critical election. There are so many creative and inspiring efforts taking place around the country. Here are a few that invite your participation, offer you a way to get involved.

The Center for Cultural Power’sMovement to the Ballot Box” art series is harnessing the power of artists to increase civic participation and mobilize a historic voter turnout for this election. For 10 weeks leading up to Election Day, The Center is partnering with authentic and compelling storytellers to create art that motivates us all to take action for justice and a better tomorrow.

Plan Your Vote.org

Plan Your Vote is a 2020 visual arts initiative from Vote.org that harnesses the power of art to promote and encourage citizens to exercise their right to vote. Their public library of voting advocacy artworks is available to anyone to download and post. Share these free downloads in your own efforts to help connect & mobilize friends, family, community so everyone has a voting strategy and is vote ready.

UX Collective: Rise Up, Show Up, Unite
A growing group of American artists have united to help Joe Biden and Kamala Harris defeat Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election. They are mobilizing people to show visible support for the candidates and spread a message of unity and loud support for the Biden/Harris campaign. Art is available to download for personal use for those who want to make their support visible in the real world.

365 Days of Voters

Last month, we shared artist Deborah Aschheim's visual diary of voters that she posts to her Instagram account. Our co-founders Julie and Cynthia both participated along with artist Melanie Green wearing her "I ♥ 2 Vote" t-shirt. Deborah says, "Hey voters! If you have a favorite voting shirt or hat or button or scarf, take a picture of yourself wearing it and I’ll draw you! Message me at @365daysofvoters and I’ll send you the link to upload photos!"

Thanks for joining us in our effort to Create Protest, and turn the White House, Congress and State Houses blue in 2020! Please visit our Resources page for ways to get involved.

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