Roe V. Wade: Gone

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What country are we living in?

We expected it. But the news that the US Supreme Court has actually done it, has really just overturned Roe v. Wade is gut-wrenching, devastating, infuriating. 13 US states have trigger laws making abortion illegal as soon as this ruling happens.

What country are we living in? What has happened to our rights to make our own decisions regarding our own bodies?

As we let the gravity of this ruling settle in, when we understand the deep implications of what this means to all Americans, let us then work together in community to speak up, to convey a message that this is not the way forward.

We all need to VOTE, to pay attention to the midterm elections in November, to ensure that we elect a Democratic majority.

Let’s Create Protest together! Our artists have designed messages that help us all speak out together!

My Body My Choice My Rights

Defend Reproductive Rights

Speak Out Take Action

Our Bodies Our Decision