Defend Reproductive Rights - Five Actions to Take Now!

On December 1, 2021, The US Supreme Court will hear arguments in a challenge to a Mississippi law that bans almost all abortions after the 15th week of pregnancy.  The assault on a woman’s right to choose continues.  In the words of LA Times columnist Robin Abcarian, “Instead of cursing the coming darkness, those of us who value the equality of women have got to start building bonfires. Now.”

Here’s a curated list of 5 actions you can take now.  The list goes from easy (2-3 minutes) to more involved. All actions count.

  1.   Tell your Senator to pass the Women’s Health Protection Act through a quick online form. The House passed it.  Let’s make sure the Senate passes it too.
  1.   Download #MyRightMyDecision’s toolkit .  Share these graphics and use the hashtag #MyRightMyDecision to show your support for abortion rights and demand that abortion is treated as what it is: a human right.

  2. Sign up for @strikeforchoice, decide where you’ll spend the day on Dec 1 and how you will make your strike as public and as impactful as possible.

  3. Donate to The Feminist Majority and their National Clinic Access Project and/or WRAPP-Women’s Reproductive Rights Assistance Program.

  4.  Check out Women on Waves for completely innovative out of the box thinking. “Our better known campaigns involve sea voyages or drones to countries where abortions are illegal”.

And of course, always VOTE!!

PS:  We can also sing. The Raging Grannies came up with The Uterus Song! Here's an excerpt:

If you’re a Republican, it’s okay to screw everyone,
Just don’t say “uterus!”
You can send our kids to war while watching your investments soar,
But don’t say “uterus!”
Taking bribes used to be thought just awful;
Now fat cats pay for your campaigns, that’s lawful…
You can take our rights away and torture folks, that’s still okay.
Just don’t say… that word.