April News

Really Arizona? 1864??

Performing an abortion is a crime in Arizona. On April 9, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled that a near-total abortion ban from 1864 is enforceable. This law, which was approved before women had the right to vote, subjects anyone aiding in abortion to a two to five-year prison sentence, except if it's necessary to save the mother’s life — but not if the abortion is the result of rape or incest.  This law outlaws abortion from the moment of conception.

How to respond? 


This draconian law is so blatantly disrespectful of a woman’s right to make decisions about her life, her body, her future, her unique circumstances.   Those who are making these decisions don’t seem to be listening.  Let’s be heard.  

Here are organizations we think are doing great work around these issues.  Let us know if you recommend others.  

Take a look at the designs our Create Protest artists have created to help us all speak up and out about this issue.

New Artist Design & Recommendations

Wear Create Protest artist Melanie Green’s 2024 Vote design, and check out which activist organizations she celebrates!

An homage to the late, great Milton Glaser’s iconic "I Heart NY” logo, Melanie Green has created this design to encourage us all to get out and vote in 2024 elections, be it local or national.

Melanie recommends the following civic organizations:

MoveOn: https://front.moveon.org/
Sister District:
Chop Wood, Carry Water: https://chopwoodcarrywaterdailyactions.substack.com/ - "I try to do at least one action from her newsletter every day.

She also writes postcards with
Postcard Sign Ups:
Postcards To Voters:
Postcards4VA: addresses.postcards4va.com

"I’m from VA and was very excited to help flip the VA House of Delegates Blue last November."